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About Us

List of Contacts for Providers


At Preferred Care Partners, we are committed to improving the health of our members based upon four fundamental principles:


  1. We believe our members' health will be improved by having access to health care services. We strive to ensure that each member has ready access to a broad, diverse, and qualified network of providers that enable members to receive needed services in a timely, convenient, and compassionate manner.
  2. We believe our members' health will be improved by having choices regarding their health care needs. We are committed to communicating with our members and providers about preventing disease and improving health, and to providing timely and relevant information that will enable our members to make meaningful choices based upon their personal needs.
  3. We believe our members' health will be improved by simplification of the health care system. We have simplified the experience for members and providers by streamlining the authorization and referral process to eliminate unnecessary barriers, building our provider networks around the diverse needs of our members, and ensuring that each member has direct and immediate access to knowledgeable customer services representatives who know the members and can act as their liaison with the health plan to resolve their needs.
  4. We believe in diversity. Our members, providers, and employees come from diverse cultures and backgrounds. We believe that diversity is an asset to be promoted and cultivated. We are committed to integrating the ideas and viewpoints from diverse groups in developing innovative programs to improve the health of our members.


Statement of Non-Discrimination

Preferred Care Partners subscribes to the principles of equal opportunity and affirmative action. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, ethnicity, religion, mental or physical disability, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, sex, genetic information, or source of payment in the enrollment of members, the delivery of covered services or items, or the credentialing or contracting of providers. The Company will not tolerate or condone employees or providers that discriminate.